Monday, January 4, 2010

Wild New Year

Eight in the morning on New Year's Day in the rainy wilderness of Big South Fork National Recreation Area in Tennessee was very quiet. My New Year's resolution is to ring in every new year in the wild.

We admired the diverse flora of the southern Appalachians, along with the grand production that erosion puts on here in BSF.

one of the "Twin Arches"

rhododendron and hemlock dripping outside a small cave

bigleaf magnolia (yeah, that's a macrophylla)

lichen wilderness


Laura Gardens in Desert said...

Excellent New Years Resolution! The photographs are wonderful, they really grab you. The lichen photograph is a treasure!

Molly Crawford Reidy said...

Don't you just want to be tiny and go on an adventure in those lichens?

Chances are if it's a beautiful photograph, my husband was the one that took it. I need to work out a deal with him and give him some photo credits and royalties. ;)