Friday, January 29, 2010

No More Scabs

On my lunch break, while subbing in the Montessori middle school, I picked out my 2010 potato varieties:

I only want potatoes that are rated "highly resistant" to scab. I had wicked scabs last year. It's probably the llama manure I added in the spring. It's probably the higher pH soils here in the midwest.

Caribe:  I chose it for its earliness, its purple skin, and its waxy texture.

Purple Viking fingerling:  fingerlings are reputed with disease resistance and I've never grown them before (!) These have skins that are purple with pink splashes, they are ready mid-season, and did I mention that they're purple?

Elba: These are buff (boring?) in color, but these potates are supposed to be resistant to just about everything and yield like heroes. They are ready late and get an "E" for excellent when it comes to storage. 

I'm still a gypsy and don't know where I'll be next fall or winter, so I'm not planting any more than that. (Yeah, we'll see about that.) 

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