Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Last Carrots of the Decade

I took a break from thinking about the greenhouse effect today and marched out to the frozen and depressing garden to dig up the last of the carrots. And just to be dramatic, I'm noting that they're the last carrots I'll be growing this entire decade.

The bottom picture is the row I planted back in late August (around the 20th). I almost didn't plant them because it was so late. But they're a respectable snacking size.

After my fingers thawed out, I dug into the freezer and found two chickens (young roosters to be specific) for chicken soup tonight.


Dan said...

It's great digging vegetables so late in the season. The last few things always taste so good. Your carrots look great and the Aug seeded ones did really well for such a late planting.

Molly Crawford Reidy said...

Digging carrots in December has become one of my favorite garden traditions. I saw your parsnips and figured you were likely experiencing the same thing. I have used floating row covers to keep soil and plants a bit warmer, and it seems to help things grow early and late in the season. Then, we also had a really warm November, so the carrots kept growing.

Genie of the Shell said...

Whoa, are you in Michigan?? I need to follow your blog and learn some things! I'm a beginner gardener in the Lansing area, and my last harvest was in October. My carrots didn't even make it to the size of my pinkie. Haha. Where do you get the material to cover your veggies?

Molly Crawford Reidy said...

"Genie" - I'm loving your blog.

Hey, the material that I cover my veggies with is a roll of stuff called "floating row covers." I get my from Gardens Alive! It comes in big rolls and if you want to get it cheaply, it's a good idea to split it with someone. I might have some packed away somewhere.