Sunday, December 6, 2009


I've been thinking about global warming a lot lately, what with "Climategate," the Copenhagen Climate Summit starting tomorrow, and of course, my book club book: Cool It 

I'm forced to pin down the numbers of carbon emissions, food miles, hidden costs, and on and on. I'm so bad with remembering details. But it's got me thinking about my applesauce.

I have been really loving popping open my homemade jars of applesauce recently. It's December. There are no more afternoons of grazing right from the garden. Frozen foods are awesome. Canned goods are fabulous. 

And then I start bragging to a fellow book club member about how small my carbon footprint probably is (right before I mention my jumbo-jet flights to south Texas to watch birds).  And it makes me think: How awesome is my applesauce, really? I know, I know: It tastes awesome. I made it, so that makes it awesome. I picked the apples and I get to remember hauling the bags up the sandy slope of the orchard driveway, the sign that told me "Open Your Trunk to Check Out" as I walked back down the hill with my sacks of apples, and the sneaky fantastic flavor of an apple right off of the tree. But does my applesauce *save. the. world.*?

Well, I'm not exactly sure if I care, but I am going to be thinking about my "carbon footprint" a little more seriously this Resolution Season. I'm not talking about the standard environmental audit. I've done that. I replaced all my light bulbs with compact fluorescents. I ride a bike about 50% of my commute time. Digging deeper. That's what the blog title says. I got some things to think about.

But in the mean time, I've got some awesomesauce to pop open and chow on. MMMmmm. I made it *just* the way I love it: plain, no sugar, no cinnamon, just apples. Apples from my neighborhood. Awesome.

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