Monday, June 22, 2009

Just When You Think It's Safe

to let down your guard, this scene plays out
on a hot and humid June afternoon:

Gardener takes Cherry Garcia out of freezer
and gets spoon, but
spies groundhog at work in the lettuce patch,
throws down ice cream,
struggles to put on boots,
curses the rodent,
runs out to garden.
Groundhog tries to hide behind a patch of mowed-down lettuce,
thinks it can hide under the table,
decides it's time to make a run for the den,
disappears behind a jungle of burdock and waits,
finally bolts to the den after the scary monster makes lots of threatening noises.

Gardener hunts for groundhog entry point without success,
resolves to harvest what is left of the lettuce,
sits down with melted ice cream,
and begins plans for a groundhog relocation program, or extraordinary rendition.

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