Thursday, August 20, 2009

Rainy Day Retrospective

Hey, check this out: some "then" and "now" pics, along with some "Where's Waldo?" (Where's Molly? Where's the Llama?) and "Bobbing for Tomatoes" nonsense.

Carrots are covered so that the groundhog forgets that they're there. The broccoli stumps are still there just because I find it hard to give up. The lettuce needs to be pulled. Now's the time to plant my last batch of lettuce, spinach and maybe some carrots and radishes in the vacant spots.

The sad, half-harvested potato patch. Not the biggest success this year. But the beans to the left are going nuts! Actually, I really should be freezing more right now.

Bobbing for tomatoes.

The squashes got a pretty heavy dose of mildew, but they have fresh, new growth. No sign of squash-vine borers, whew. The sunflowers are 10 feet tall.

I want to add here that I've been thinking a little about my gardening style. This is the best any of my gardens have ever looked at this time of the year. I kind of like the overgrown heaps that happen in August and September. I get some pretty amazing stuff from very ugly gardens. I do love to see beautifully manicured and planned gardens, but I can't seem to make it happen.

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