Thursday, August 20, 2009

Poona Kheeras, Pear Tomatoes, and Peacocks

Poona kheera cucumbers:
These strange yellow cucumbers don't look that appetizing when you pick them. They have a yellow to brown rind and are usually asymmetrical. But the rind is thin and they have no bitterness, even after being on the vine for a while. These are the best slicing cucumbers I've ever had. They're crisp, juicy and sweet.

Yellow Fargo Pears and Yellow Jubilee:
This is the first actual tomato harvest. The pear tomatoes are much larger than I expected, but I'm glad I finally got to grow them. They taste best when they are still a little green. I just like yellow tomatoes. I'm easily thrilled by novelty.

The mama has four little baby peepers. I watched them collapse in the sun for a three-minute nap right before they all jumped up and rushed off to forage again.

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