Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Garden Report

1.  Peas, potatoes, carrots, lettuce, basil, and cilantro are all up.

2.  We had two nights of frost. I mulched everything because I couldn't find my floating row covers. Only the potatoes were damaged by the frost.

3.  After two nights of frost, I finally located my floating row covers under a mouse's nest, in a box, in the tool shed.

4.  The rooster is now my friend. I fed him 15 worms as I dug up the soon-to-be-bean bed. He begged like a puppy. I love him.

5.  While digging in the garden on a particularly sunny day, I forgot about the pepper sprouts in the improvised plastic mini-green house (located in the sun room) and came back to cooked Peacework Pepper sprouts. Uhgh.

6.  A groundhog mama broke into the garden. I chased her down with a shovel. She exited through the main gate. I'm crossing my fingers that she got the message and the rest of our interactions will be peaceful.

7.  I planted sunflower seeds, zinnias, and a bonus butterfly garden seed mix in the corner of the garden in which I found pressure-treated wood. No eats coming from this section.

8.  I'm impatiently awaiting the germination of some very old squash seeds. Costata Romanesca is THE BEST summer squash I've ever met. I really hope I get at least one plant.

9.  Chris says the grass growing out there is "quack grass." I have unofficially dubbed this phase of the blog The Quack Grass Garden Project."

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